Denied Arson's GM Application

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Jan 31, 2023
In-Game Name: Arson

Steam ID:76561198979556435

Steam Profile Link:

Age: 15

Time zone: CST

Hours Played on Server (Search on
Gametracker): 53 hours ( PS it says 23 hours which is wrong )

Have you ever been kicked/warned/banned? If yes, explain in detail: No (Only be removed from GM like a year ago and I have owned up to my mistakes and wont happen again)

Do you have any experience being staff on GMOD? If yes state what server, positions, and time period: I did 2-3 years ago. I played on a World War 1 Trench Warfare Role Play sever. I was Moderator on the sever. Sadly the sever does not exist anymore as the Owner was banned from steam I don't remember the name of the sever sadly.

Yes I do have basic knowledge on how the Gmod admin commands work could be refreshed on some of them its been a bit.

I think I if join the team I can bring Kindness and cool team work together. I can also host cool and kickass events also for the sever and community. But I can also be a good leader and help others to.

I would like to host events and help the sever with anything I get called for.

I think you should pick me because I would love to make awesome and fun hosts also I would love to hangout with the staff team help with their hosts. For example I did this host on a old WW1 server where it was COD zombies and everyone loved it I think I can replicate that in for this server it's always fun when I can bring my ideas and situations so that the community can enjoy it. Also so that I can make some kick ass Hosts.

Operation Marsh: The army has been deployed on Felucia to take back an outpost setup by the old Republic forces there before them. However all the Forces are dead. And the place had been abandoned a scout party goes in consisting of SF and Shock However they discover a bomb in the base and have to defuse it. And the forces out side consisting of 212th, 501st, Navy, and 21st. They defend the outside from Heavy forces from the CIS but then realize the bomb was a fake one and the real one is at the other outpost. And they all make it there in time to defuse it and also find information on what happened to the soldiers as they were outnumbered and captured by the CIS. Most of them died of hunger and poor conditions. The rest were sold as slaves to higher commanding officers of the CIS and there allies. They take the intel and escape the planet. ( PS this is from my old APP just thought it would be cool to use this as its a cool idea )

Everyone should stick together and work as a team cause it will be easier to take out B2's and hordes of CIS droids also make's for some dope ass teamwork. Also to motivate and have high moral with the troops so that they can win the battle.

Depends on what day like some days I can't. But I'm mostly active throughout the week.

One time I was Building an Event on the WW1 sever and It was a zombie event were there are zombie spanners on the German Trenches. And my team had to destroy them for us to win however the Germans Players were also Zombies so they could kill us before we could get to them. And in the end we won. ( copy from old app just a cool event I wanted to restate here )

Thank you for read this best of regards to you all and I hope that I get accepted

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Project Senior Game Master
Republic High Command
Nov 6, 2018
Your Mom's house
Due to your previous tenure as a Gamemaster, you have been blacklisted from the staff team until further notice. To move forward, we need you to acknowledge the reasons behind your removal from the Gamemaster role, which was one of the most ridiculous instances of staff abuse we have ever seen.

Additionally, please ensure that you copy and paste the entire application so that your answers can be properly connected to the questions provided. With all of this in mind, we hope to see you rebuild your reputation and regain the trust of the Senior Gamemasters.

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