Project Renegade

Redefining Roleplay

Initially, the massive 2018 send off event was going to v be the weekend after Christmas

After some concerns raised by members of the community, I decided to do a poll to choose the best time.

Personally I don't mind delaying, just means I can squeeze in more content Ending 2018...
I am cleaning out the Squad System databases. If you wish to ensure that your squad is not wiped, reply to this thread with your squad name by Friday, February 9th.
Today we are introducing B2 Super Battle droids to the server.
Some are capable of shooting proton missiles, others are limited to blaster fire.
Their balance is subject to change, but they are intended to pose a very serious threat

Future NPC Plans
In addition to the B2s, we have a number of NPCs that are very close to becoming a reality.
As we complete our planned roster, will be the first, and only server with:

Colicoid/Sith War Droids
Nexus (Creature)
Reeks (Creature)
Acklays (Creature)
Homing Droids...
Preparing for the Event Server
We are making the last steps towards getting the Event Server up and running!
What makes our Event Server different to those of other communities?

The Event Server will not be used for mass-scale events. Instead, it will be used for smaller-scale action, consisting of a a few squad's worth of troopers.
Why are we adding an event server?

If you've played an event that hit over 40 players, you're most likely more than familiar with the fact that things can go to hell quite quickly. Usually one officer is placed in command of everybody participating, and must keep dozens of troopers under control. Meanwhile, gamemasters must spawn NPCs to accommodate up to 72 players, and the server itself has to process the NPCs, both custom and native, players, the scripts for TFA weapons, Jedi lightsaber hit detection, vehicles, explosives, squad shields, deployed cover, darkrp jobs & teams, giving players their $5 salary every payday, and more.

With this event server, we will be able to run events with the size, quality, and care that you, the players deserve, while still having the freedom of occasionally running mass-scale events that will be planned over a longer period of time to ensure it can handle all 72+ players.
Not everything is perfect, and the event server is no exception. The downsides are:

The Crafting Mod is not compatible with MySQL databases yet, so your inventory on the main server will not be synced with your inventory on the event server. The developer has expressed his intent to fix this for V3 of the Crafting Mod.

Whitelists, DarkRP Money, and DarkRP Names MIGHT be reset. We may be able to preserve this data.
If you have TF2 installed, UNMOUNT IT. The new updates are causing people to crash when joining any Garry's Mod server.

To unmount TF2, refer to this screenshot Bottom right of GMOD menu, click the controller, scroll down to Team Fortress 2 and uncheck it​
Community Contest #1: Event Map Idea
As I'm sure many of you are aware, I'm no stranger to making entire maps from scratch purely for use in an event. It keeps things fresh and ensures players, no matter how experienced they are, have to stay on their toes.

Believe it or not, one of the hardest parts is coming up with the map idea and design. Because of this, the community's first ever contest is centered around letting you, the players, bring your ideas to us.

Submissions deadline is November 1st


Submit your ideas to the newly added "Community Contest" Forum under the Clone Wars Category as a thread.

Threads should be made as a poll with TWO options, "+1" and "-1".


Try to be detailed in your description, we need more to work with than "do a coruscant map"


Your map idea should be something that is realistically feasible in Garry's Mod. The Source engine is old, and has many limits.

Wide-Open areas are usually best avoided because they can be EXTREMELY tough to optimize. We can fit in some open areas for events, but the ideal map has some interiors or ways to split areas up so I can work my optimizing magic.

PLANTS and other foliage are horrible to work with. As much as I'd love to do a Felucia or Umbara map, they are quite plant-heavy environments, and should be avoided. But if you really feel that you have a great, unique idea, it's still...
The time has finally come, we have released donations to the public! Feel free to donate for a package or if you feel kind enough, just send a custom donation. All donations are greatly appreciated!
Introducing - Weekly Player Chat.

Weekly Player Chat is a weekly event where we sit down with 5 people that volunteer and ask them a series of questions about the server to get feedback from them.

Here is the first weekly player chat so you can get a taste of what kind of questions we ask.

Weekly Player Chat is every Friday so when it comes next week, we will ask once again for 5 people to come and attend.​
As you are all well aware of by now, the given estimate for the server entering closed beta was the end of August.

The reason for this wait is not only for the map, but for the unique squad system being developed from the ground up for the server.

Unfortunately, the developer we originally hired to complete this task dropped the project, leaving us close to the end of the month, but no closer to having the system that lies at the core of the server and the reason behind us starting Project Renegade.

However, we don't want to leave you guys high and dry, so in the interest of keeping things moving along, I've decided to fast-track development of the map so it is in a usable state, so that StaticNation and I will be able to open up the server for an open alpha.

During the Open Alpha, events will be run, players will gain experience, and the crafting system will be implemented and slowly expanded upon as time goes on.

We have hired a new developer who we know for certain is capable of completing the Squad System, so once that is complete, we will shift to a 1 to 2 week long Closed Beta to ensure the squad system works perfectly and is implemented well, and we will then fully Release the server.

Please keep in mind that, since the Squad system will be introduced later on, your rankings and battalions may be reset, but we have plans to ensure that participating in the alpha is not "pointless."

And with that, here are some pictures of the new map, still in development:

Exterior View
Redesigned Hangar bays - Still in progress
Ramp from 1st Floor Hub to 2nd Floor Hub
Bunks Hall
1st Floor Hub - Unfurnished

The days of every enemy in every event sounding like a Half-Life 2 Combine Soldier are behind us.

Now, using a system unique to Project Renegade, NPCs will be configured to use unique voice-lines and sounds determined by their model.

This means that not only will we be replacing the sounds, but they will correspond to the enemy you are facing. Deathwatch will shout about their devotion to a true Mandalore, and Trandoshans will devote your death to the Scorekeeper.